Typefight Relaunch

Typefight, “an arena for alphabetic altercations,” recently relaunched and it is looking awesome. Each day the Typefight folks pit two designers in a head-to-head competition of lettering creativtity skill. They focus on one letter at a time spectators vote on which custom designed letterform they like best. So far they’ve had an excellent group of designers participate, including¬†Matt Stevens, Mackey Saturday, Keith Davis Young, Adam R. Garcia, Lydia Nichols, Ty Wilkins, Darren Booth, Mary Kate McDevitt, Curtis Jinkins and Simon Walker.

They’re also offering up prints of each of the designs in their shop¬†(printed by my fave Mama’s Sauce) so if you want some awesome, custom designed letters for your walls they’ve definitely got you covered.






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