Monday Quick Links: 09.12.11

Dan Blackman’s Optimistic American Tee is super fun. Pick one up right here.

Refinery 29 reveals their favorite invitations from New York Fashion Week.

The process behind Moving Brands’ Wikipedia Redesign concept is incredibly interesting. (via Brand New)

The winners of ADC Young Guns 9 have been announced. Congrats to all the lucky recipients!

These typographic rugs are calling my name.

Pictoplasma, a conference dedicated to contemporary character design, is coming to NYC November 4th and 5th. Get your tickets here.

If you liked last week’s post about Candy Chang’s Before I Die, you may want to pick up your own limited edition painting to support the project.

Be optimistic.

Three new Live the Language videos have been released.

 Asyera Sidauruk is creating some beautiful chalk murals for Coda Cafe, which you can see here and here.

Good Reads:  The Dark Art of Pricing by Jessica Hische. This article is a bit long but awesome, and there are tons of designers out there who can benefit from this advice. I cringe when I see designers who list prices on their sites (a bad idea in my opinion) offering up logos with unlimited revisions (also bad!) for incredibly low prices. So hopefully this will reach those who need to be exposed to this information, and in turn we can begin to take small steps to raise the standards in our industry.


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