Random Resources 09.22.08

In my day-to-day web browsing I come across a lot of helpful resources that don’t necessarily warrant a full post. So I’ve decided to start compiling a few together every so often, and hopefully they’ll save you a bit of time and/or make your day go little more smoothly.

  1. Type Chart
    This sitelets you flip through, preview and compare web typography while retrieving the CSS.” Extremely helpful for anyone doing any web design.
  2. The Designer’s Field Guide to Sustainability
    Designed by LUNAR, this well-designed PDF download covers all the basics of sustainability as it relates to design.
  3. BizBits
    The latest initiative from Marketing Mentor is an email newsletter of business and marketing tips written by Peleg Top.
  4. tutsearch
    This search engine scours over 100 tutorial sites to find the lesson you need. Such a huge time-saver.
  5. Copy Paste Character
    Instead of taking the time to look up the key commands for special characters, simply copy and paste into your document directly from this site.

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