Random Resources 10.23.08

Part two in my semi-regular link drop of helpful resources:

  1. School of Everything
    I haven’t gotten a chance to register for this site yet, but it’s such a great idea. School of everything connects people who want to learn with people who want to teach—all in their local area. Topics are completely open-ended, from arts & crafts to work & business and everything in between.
  2. Poladroid
    This application allows you to create high res polaroid-like images from your digital photos.
    Not sure if I’ve totally figured this online app out yet, but it’s aim is to be a tool for exploring color swatches.
  4. Co-op
    This online application allows you to stay connected with your co-workers on collaborative projects.
  5. Dear Adobe
    Submit your gripes, complaints and/or suggestions about Adobe products to this site. Who knows if any of it will make it to the people in charge, but the communal venting can be comforting in times of frustration.

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