Ross Clodfelter: Coaster Wedding Invitations

Check out these great coaster wedding invitations and saved the dates designed by Ross Clodfelter for Brittany Brown & William Goncharow.

Some background info from Ross:
This wedding invite set was designed to marry up to the client’s decor for her wedding. Her theme is “Secret Garden” and she wanted the invites to be as lovely as the feelings she will have on her big day. The idea was to use a mix of letterpress and stamping on drink coasters for a unique feel. The floral elements were letterpressed and the black graphics were hand-stamped by me and the client. This gave her a sense of ownership in the process while giving me some help on letterpressing and stamping. The letterpress elements were printed at Device Printshop which I co-own with Shane Cranford. The final result was a set of coasters the invitees would want to keep around…and remember each time they take a sip of their iced tea.


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