Sonia & Mark Whitesnow: Burnt by the Sun

I’m incredibly intrigued by the conceptual work of Sonia & Mark Whitesnow, a young couple from Kirov, Russia. This particular series, Burnt by the Sun, with its sun-soaked color palette and ethereal models, particularly caught my eye.

The heroines are deep in their thoughts, somewhere far away, cloaked in dusty and salty air. They may be hard to rely on, empty and unwilling to cooperate for creating something useful and weighty, or, on the contrary, they may be reflecting on more important things. A sheer waste of time or a moment of truth.
Time stopped for them, they are plagued with dangerous burns on their young bodies, someone may suffer from them tremendously and someone is completely indifferent to pain. 
In spite of their likeness – this is a team which is in the game at the moment – they seem to be cold and indifferent to each other. 
On a hot day they are burnt with the sun and seem to be unable to struggle. Or, may be, at this very moment the inner struggle is in process?!

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