The Internet Detective is IN.

For the month of August, a series of guest posters will be fill­ing in on DWL with daily posts. This week’s posts come to you from the tal­ented folks of Studio 254: designer and illus­tra­tor Will Bryant, illus­tra­tor and edu­ca­tor Kate Bingaman-Burt,  designer Clifton Burt, designer Tina Snow Le and artist, designer and edu­ca­tor Jason Sturgill. Enjoy!

Copper #DD9474 by Dawn Kim and Daniel Seung Lee  from their Crayola Theory Project

You know what I hate about the internet? Seeing copious amounts of visually cool STUFF and not knowing who made it or when it happened or what it was for or when it was made. OH yeah, NO DUH, you might say. This is a common angst that is shared amongst many of us, but we keep pinning and tumbling and liking and faving and zoinking (I made that up, but I wish we could call something zoinking…I just totally rezoinked that). I am going to play internet Nancy Drew and go through some of my random images that sit on various social image sharing sites and find out WHO MADE THIS AND WHY? SHOCKING, right? Come join me, gentle readers.

Answer: NYC Art Director Dawn Kim and Brooklyn Photographer Daniel Seung Lee

Banana Mania, #FAE7B5 Dawn Kim and Daniel Seung Lee  from their Crayola Theory Project

The above images have popped up on tumblr and pinterest numerous times, but no link back to Dawn or Daniel. It took me three minutes to find this project online. I almost feel like I was cheating it was so easy. I do not feel like Olivia Benson solving this case (sadly). It was so easy that a baby detective could have figured it out. So THANK YOU Dawn Kim and Daniel Seung Lee for making these. Also, Dawn has a pretty fab tumblr.

Afternoon Challenge: Who made this?

Moving on to tougher stuff. I plugged the below image into reverse google search and all I came back with was a bunch of grilled cheese recipes, which is AWESOME, but not what I was looking for. I also found out that this image was posted by a fellow named wutangwookie and reblogged by a person named Barfcake. Who the hell made this beauty?

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Kate Bingaman-Burt
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