TOKY 2013

We exist in an age of design and business that institutionalizes short attention spans.

Main project. Side hustle. Really need to update my site. Client call in ten minutes. What’s happening on Twitter? Still haven’t gotten those print specs. Better proofread that blog post one more time. Have I eaten lunch yet?

Keeping this in mind with another year in the books, TOKY branding and design studio just unveiled its 2013 annual report in a new, attention span-friendly Instagram video animation format. We featured TOKY’s 2012 annual report last year and it’s great to see them innovate in their year-end summary yet again.

The best annual reports are designed for both interest and practicality, making the information beautiful yet digestible even at a glance, and their 120 seconds of video accomplish just that. Check out the series below and be sure to keep up with TOKY on Instagram.

Creative Credits
Creative Direction: Eric Thoelke & Jay David
Design: Robert Paige
Content Strategy: Katherine Leonard


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