A Bunch of Crock

A little warning: this is not the typical dwl post. It’s politically charged, and may be offensive to some of you. But I have to say, when I received this submission, I was really impressed by the creator’s commitment to taking a stand in such a heated political climate. Safwat Saleem, an Arizona-based, Pakistani-born designer and filmmaker, developed A Bunch of Crock—an exhibition and poster series funded through Kickstarter—as a reaction to the current political landscape, as well as his experieences living in the U.S. post-9/11.

If you take a look at the posters on his site, you can see specific quotes and sources that each are in response to. And before reacting to their messages, I encourage you to watch this Kickstarter video and listen to his story. It certainly left an impression on me.


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