A LEGO + Letterpress Giveaway!

Well, readers, do I have a treat for you today. Remember this post? Well Justin Larosa of Physical Fiction is generously offering you 2 free new prints! The first is a Nudibranch, a toxic sea slug, that will be exhibited at Slugfork in North Carolina this coming weekend. And the second is a make-ready from their recent press runs.

So here’s how this will work. Just leave a comment with which print you’d like to win and the two winners (one for each print) will be chosen at random and announced on Monday. So you have from now through the end of the weekend (Sunday at midnight EST) to get your comments in. Good luck!


  1. Was absolutely fascinated by these in your original post. I’d love the make-ready print! Fingers crossed.

  2. oh man. i had your original post bookmarked forever. my fiance loves legos. this would be perfect for him.

  3. I saw your original post and have been wanting a print ever since! Please give me a shot at the Nudibranch print!

  4. The make ready print reminds me of my twin boys’ grumpy faces after I ask them to pick up their legos, and the depth of colors create a beautiful chaos that perfectly represents my home and our family. AWESOME work!

  5. Great giveaway guys! This would make such a cool Xmas present to my new walls.

    If I get to be one of the lucky two I would love that Nudibranch. It is awe-some.

  6. My heart goes out to the toxic sea slug:) Amazing giveaway and many thanks to Justin for strutting his goodness!

  7. I like the 2nd one. Looks like a character in a commercial who is about to get cured of some indegestion.

  8. It was love at first sight when you first posted about these amazing prints! I’d love to have the Pop-Pop print, it’s wonderful!

  9. It’s so exciting to see new, innovative uses for letterpress. Love the make-ready print; thanks for doing a giveaway!

  10. I think this is such a brilliant idea, and I have the perfect lego-loving friend to give that lovely toxic sea slug to!

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