Tower of Babel

Lately I’ve been poring over this year’s Communication Arts and Print Design Annuals, one of my favorite mail deliveries of the year. I always find lots of inspiring new-to-me designers through the publications, and one of those designers happens to be Tower of Babel, the Portland-based studio of Eric Stevens. I’m loving everything from his packaging, to logos, to collateral. Check it out for yourself right here.

Tower of Babel 01

Tower of Babel 02

Tower of Babel 03


  1. I am in BN flipping through the annual now and stumbled on Eric’s work. I had seen the work before and it stood out as brilliant but I did not know it was his. We were classmates in the design dept. at Winthrop in SC and always wondered what happened to him. He really had a passion and sense of detail back then. I look forward to looking through his stuff when I get a chance.

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