Book Review: Graduation Guide for Design Students

Graduation guide for design students is a palm-sized book that was written and illustrated by Moniek Paus of Netherlands-based Studio Pomp. The book is not an after-graduation guide for students about how to move into the working world, like I originally expected; but it is actually a guide for getting through your final year of school. The slight confusion is probably due to cultural differences—in the U.S. we more often refer to our final year as our “Senior year” as opposed to “Graduation year.”

In any case, the book features a series of tips to help designers stay inspired and on track. Overall it is more light-hearted, fun reading than hardcore practical advice, but it would definitely make a fun gift for soon-to-be graduates. The illustrations and hand-lettering snippets alone are worth a perusal.

The book will be released on Amazon in the U.S. on August 28th, but it’s available for pre-order now; otherwise you can order directly through BIS Publishers.


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