Brain vs. Braun: Typography Sketches

I know we most often show the finished product around here, but I am equally—if not more so—inspired by the process. Take these type sketches by Matt Braun of Brain vs. Braun, for example. I love that you can very clearly see all of the eraser marks and imperfections, and places where he changed course, which is in large part what makes them so great. But at the same time, it’s also pretty easy to imagine exactly how the sketches could come to life.

via Dribbble


  1. Wish my sketching was this detailed. Love the dot grid sketch book too. I know Behance has one but does anyone know any other notebooks that have a dot grid?

  2. It’s nice to see the work in progress instead of the finished product that was done on computer. Cooper Union had a fantastic typography exhibit last spring and they showed how typography was hand-drawn, way before computers came into play. Pretty fascinating stuff.

  3. It’s nice to still see the pencil on the sheet, and not all digital. I love the typography.

    Julieta, from Argentina

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