cla-se: Site Murt

For Sita Murt’s first pop-up store, Barcelona-based cla-se created a dynamic environment using hand-painted, fluorescent pink typography, which definitely makes a statement.


  1. […] A very new trend in temporary retail is virtual pop-up shops. Scanning QR codes on large posters of products, shoppers use their mobile devices to send orders to their homes. While the posters are understandably cheap to produce and flexible to install in common spaces like subways stations or shopping malls, I am not sold on this idea yet. How is this different from online shopping? Would anyone seek out a pop-up shop when they can have the same experience on their computer screen? With brick and mortar stores providing a 3D product experience that allows you to bring the items home right way and online stores providing the benefit of shopping from home, I’m not sure how this in-between idea works. It does make a handsome shop design though! images via hannah dollery creative and designworklife […]

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