ESPO: Love Letter to Brooklyn

One of Steve Power’s (ESPO) most recent projects is one that’s much closer to home: Love Letter to Brooklyn. Commissioned by Macy’s, the Philadelphia-based street artist covered their parking garage in his signature bold typographic messages, including “I am made to leave, I am made to return,” and “I cop futures here.” It’s truly amazing how much life the once bleak and uninspired structure now has. If you can’t head to Downtown Brooklyn to experience the work in person, check out Vernacular Typography for some more detail shots of the large-scale piece.

via Vernacular Typography


  1. […] Hope you had a good weekend. You might have noticed this site got hacked by a talented gentleman who needs a better hobby to help pass the time on Friday nights. So if you checked the site and saw a devil graphic, paired with some bad dance music, that wasn’t me. No matter, we’re back in business now so here’s some new work from the very talented Steve ESPO Powers via Design Work Life. […]

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