Harvest Creative Website

Harvest Creative recently launched a super fun new website. I’m going to hand over the reins to talented designer Michael J. Hildebrand to give you some insight into their process:

The first thing we did was take a look at what people loved about our past site. It was flash AS3, full of fun little things, and was one of the first that took advantage of parallax scrolling (horizontal). It was very rich and lush but growing out of date and was also overwhelming with fun stuff and needed to focus on more of the meat of what we do. We are a small agency, but do some massive projects and try to do things as different as possible while also pleasing our clients. So with that in mind, last January I started to workout how to create a fun, scrolling intro page that would inform as well as entertain the viewer. Some of the challenges, technically, involved the ability to scroll and adjust size dynamically to any media size. That took a bit of finagling, but I worked out the basic javascript functions and proceeded executing type arrangements and illustrations that would be attractive with the new clean look.


The style stemmed from the Holiday tractor we created as a gift for our clients. Various animals, barns, crops and other farm elements were illustrated and we then launched our coming soon page.  People really enjoyed the page, so what we had in store from then on out had to be just as fun. The services page became a illustration layered wonderland and the about page became a little way to let people peak into our social/office life. I added the little night/day function just for giggles. I always enjoy those little effects on other sites and wanted our home site to have some fun little tricks as well. As for our work section, I’ll let that stand on the images of our work. It was a hoot to create and I hope it brings pleasure to everyone that stops by for a visit.








Creative Credits:
Marketing/Design Firm: Harvest Creative
Owner/Partners : Daniel Brown & Andrew Holliday
Design/Illustration/Concept/Programming : Michael J. Hildebrand
Copy Writing: Andrew Holliday & Hunter Mitchell
Photography: Mike Force & Bob Bayne


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