New Reads

Here are two books I’ve come across recently that made it to my wishlist:

Impressive: Printmaking, Letterpress and Graphic Design

This new book from Gestalten looks like it features tons of great work, all of which incorporate some form of letterpress or printmaking. I can’t wait to get a closer look.

Making Ideas Happen

I’m a big fan of everything Behance does, so I was excited to see that they’ve ventured into book publishing. According to the author, Scott Belsky, the book will feature “a series of pragmatic tips, tools, and anecdotes about the art (and science) of making ideas happen.” Read more about it right here.


  1. so cool to see sideshow press in the first book! wish it weren’t so pricey as i’ll have to see it before plunking down $70 …. still want it, i think :)

  2. i am so excited about impressive! i’m not sure if i made the final cut after actually signing a release but since it’s allll printmaking chosen by the geniuses at gestalten it’s going to be a great book to flip through at any rate!

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