Karsh Hagan: Colorado Tourism Wine Bottles

The folks at Karsh Hagan designed this unique wine bottle for the annual Governor’s Tourism Conference in Colorado. Each bottle was laser etched and dipped into white wax, and features an organic pattern that was created by using icons that represent the state of Colorado. Beautiful!






Creative Credits:
Art Director: Nick Marranzino
Copywriter: Dave Fymbo
Account Management: Carol Quinn & Emily Rundles
Associate Creative Director: Darren Brickel
Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson
Production Manager: Karen Heydman
Engraver: Roger Maynor, Public Letterpress

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  1. […] A few weeks ago I posted a Texas illustration but while my husband’s heart pines for the state where bigger is better (and hotter, thanks Jess for reminding me it isn’t all about BBQ)… my heart is still pining away for Colorado. And you guys, Colorado has some really awesome graphic design companies that put out work like this icon patterned wine bottle (designed by Karsh Hagen), for the annual Governor’s Tourism Conference in Colorado. Found via designworklife. […]

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