Mama’s Sauce: Julianne and Phil Wedding

Here is yet another great wedding invitation by Mama’s Sauce. There are so many fun details involved in the production of this piece, from the bright yellow wax seal to the unique tri-colored edge treatment. Read about all of the details on their blog right here.


  1. I just got my Mama’s Sauce sample in the mail this week. They look to be a great vendor for any designer’s arsenal. Good prices for Great work.

    Tell us a little more about that cool wax seal!
    I’ve read other How-To’s on big batches of custom wax seals. Interested in any tips you’ve got.

  2. wax seals take time. that’s just the nature of them… i find the most important step to be to cool the stamp itself after each stamp by putting it in a cool glass of water for a few seconds… everything else it second nature!

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