Denis Olenik is one of the designers I follow on Behance. Based out of Belarus, he does some really great logo and identity work. I also really love his presentation. See below for a few examples, and check out his complete portfolio for more.

Denis Olenik 01

Denis Olenik 03

Denis Olenik 02

Denis Olenik 04

Denis Olenik 05


  1. Hi Courtney, I just tried to email you and it got kicked back. I just wanted to say thanks for adding my site to your links and that I really love your site! I worked in a stationery store for the past 13 years part time and I love your blog and designs – good luck with your design studio! Kristen

  2. Hi Kristen, Thanks so much for the compliments! I love your blog as well! I’m going to shoot you an email right now, because I’m nervous as to why it bounced back. Thanks for letting me know!

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