Merit Animation

Jim Leszczynski sent over this great little animation that I’m happy to share with you this morning. The animation was developed for Merit, an online application that helps customers get attention for their schools and their students via social and local media. Merit Pages gives colleges tools to award students with achievements for grades, extra-circulars and more. The work is the result of a collaboration between several creative people, so be sure to check out the credits below. jim_leszczynski_merit_1 jim_leszczynski_merit_2 jim_leszczynski_merit_3 jim_leszczynski_merit_4 jim_leszczynski_merit_5 jim_leszczynski_merit_6 jim_leszczynski_merit_7 jim_leszczynski_merit_8 jim_leszczynski_merit_9 Creative Credits: Design & Storyboard: Jim Leszczynski Art Direction:id29 Animation: Nick Forshee Sound Design: Bryan and Steve


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