Moodley Brand Identity: Servus am Marktplatz Packaging & Digital Branding

Moodley Brand Identity developed the brand identity and extensive packaging system for Servus am Marktplatz, an online marketplace selling handmade goods. Check out quite a few more images right here.

MBI_Servus_01 MBI_Servus_02 MBI_Servus_03 MBI_Servus_04 MBI_Servus_05 MBI_Servus_06 MBI_Servus_07 MBI_Servus_08 MBI_Servus_09 MBI_Servus_10 MBI_Servus_11 MBI_Servus_12 MBI_Servus_13 MBI_Servus_14 MBI_Servus_15 MBI_Servus_16 MBI_Servus_17 MBI_Servus_18 Creative Credits: Client: Red Bull Media House Project Management Red Bull Media House: Judith Pertl, Caro Frank (Caro Frank Markenberatung) Head of Project Management Digital Red Bull Media House: Christian Plamenig Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz Art Direction & Graphic Design: Sabine KernbichlerNicole Lugitsch Brand Consulting: Caro Frank (Caro Frank Markenberatung) Illustration: Reinhard Blumenschein (Weinper&Co GmbH, Wien) Text: Rita Stahlberg, Sarah Posch Project Management moodley: Markus Supanitsch Director Digital: Birgit Taucher Web Design: Alex Muralter, Sabine Kernbichler, Nicole Lugitsch HTML/CSS implementation: TOTALdeluxe MS/Shop realization: commercetools GmbH


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