Neighborhood Studio Prints

Talented designer Curtis Jinkins has recently set up shop as Neighborhood Studio, starting with a series of awesome hand-printed posters. I can’t decide if I prefer this modern monochromatic animal alphabet—a welcome change from all of the hyper-colorful ones out there—or the series of retro typographic prints featuring classic songs, like “Eye of the Tiger” and “Beat It.” Either way, they’re all great—check ’em out.


  1. Curtis Jinkins is truly a talented and skilled creative. Glad he’s able to display these tasteful designs in our current exhibit, ‘Typeface’!

  2. These are wonderful! I’ve been wanting to do my own design series with great song lyrics, but I was never sure if there would be copyright issues if I wanted to sell the designs. It seems like everyone does it, but that doesn’t always mean it’s totally okay/legal to do. Any ideas or insight?

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