OK Experiment

Our friends over at OK Great have an ongoing experiment creating handmade versions of their logo with various materials. Lately they’ve been experimenting with all kinds of spices, as you can see right here. If you ask me, it’s pretty cool their team gets to spend time going off on fun tangents like this throughout the day. Lucky them.

Editor’s note: My friend just informed me this sounds passive aggressive, which it was totally not intended to be. I really do think these experiments are awesome, and it’s great that they get to work on projects like this to keep their creative juices flowing. Apologies if it didn’t come across that way!

OK Great 01

OK Great 02

OK Great 03

If you’d like to see more, the entire project is documented in their Flickr stream as well.


  1. Thanks, Courtney! At first, when I started encouraging the team at Flywheel to do stuff like this, they felt a little guilty about having so much fun on company time. But I let them know that this was a long-term investment in their creativity. And that investment is paying off (in client projects and employee morale). The “experimental” section of our website gets more traffic and more compliments than anything else we’ve done. Love your blog, by the way!

  2. Hey, Im a big fan of this blog, i dont know how, when or why i get here, but im so happy, that this happend, every single post, have this quality, that I appreaciate, im so demanding with all the things, but this blog full all my expectations.

    Congrats, and keep coming this lovely work!

  3. Thanks so much for your comment Woody! I think it’s really great than you’re doing that, and wish more firms would follow your lead. Glad you’re liking the blog!

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