This past Sunday I headed into the Hynes for the opening Keynote address, given by Jeremy Gutsche of Trend Hunter Magazine, entitled “Creating a Culture of Innovation”. Gutsche was an excellent speaker and his talk and made some great points about how to innovate in today’s culture of viral marketing, where consumers create the content. You can see a video that includes part of the presentation we saw below, and you can also see several other videos and presentations here (scroll down) or here.

Clicking through provides tons of great inspiration. I will say though, the homepage is extremely busy which makes it hard to navigate. One thing that helps is to filter the trends by category, such as Art & Design.

Update: I just noticed they launched My Trend Hunter, which allows you to change the layout of the page according to your preferences. If you look above where the categories are listed and to the right, there are several thumbnails of different layouts. Definitely helps to sort through the clutter.


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