Sailor Danny

For the month of August, a series of guests will be filling in on DWL with daily posts. Today’s posts come to you from Diane Faye Zerr of  Faye & Co. For more from Diane, be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Dribbble and Twitter. Enjoy!

Danilo Mancini aka Sailor Danny has some work worth noticing. First introduced to me as a follower on Instagram, I noticed his way with hand-drawn type and illustration. Not too long ago, so did Behance when they featured him in their Typography Served newsletter directly into inboxes. Danny is currently working on a fresh new website to show off his work, but until then you can feast your eyes on his Behance portfolio.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m really digging the resurgence of hand lettering that’s been getting more popular these days. It totally makes sense within the context of the handmade and craft movement. There’s a pendulum swing away away from mass produced and back to the human element. How refreshing!

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