Student Spotlight: Bethany Heck

This is the first of two Student Spotlights for today. Normally I combine multiple designers into one post, but the work these two ladies are producing is deserving of individual features. First up, Bethany Heck, a senior at Auburn University who conceptualized and designed Eephus League, a website and product line dedicated to all things baseball. The centerpiece of the project is the site, which I think really captures the obsessive nature of diehard baseball fans. As Bethany describes, “This site is dedicated to bringing all the disparate threads of baseball intricacies together in one place. It’s a place where any baseball fan can come to share their knowledge and experiences, no matter how trivial, because in baseball nothing is trivial. Ballpark experiences, player nicknames, rules both official and unofficial, ticket stubs, baseball cards and photographs are all collected and preserved here.”

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