Trigger: Calgary Zoo 2011 Annual Report

Trigger recently took a unique approach to designing and producing the Calgary Zoo’s 2011 Annual Report. Be sure to check out the video below for more details about the process.

The Calgary Zoo has always been a leader in animal and environmental conservation. So when they needed a design for their 2012 annual report, we decided to showcase the Zoo’s conservation efforts with a one page, one ink annual report printed on 100% post-consumer newsprint. And to help conserve design hours, two designers and two art directors collaborated on the layout.

Creative Credits:
Creative Director: Todd Blevins
Associate Creative Director: Jonathan Herman
Designers: Shauna Luedtke, Brian Allen, Todd Blevins, Jonathan Herman
Copywriters: Jordon Lawson & Client
Account Manager: Jill Dewes
Production Manager: Cathy Hockenhull
Production: Andre Pierazzo
Calgary Zoo: Laurie Skene, Manager of Communications

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  1. Flippin brilliant. Most impressive is that the designer convinced the client to go in that radical an approach. Most would never do that…

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