Trigger Communications: Holiday/Apocalypse Advent Calendar

Trigger Communications has sent out a unique and engaging holiday promotion this year:

We know December can get overwhelming, so this year we’ve sent our clients a Holiday Survival Kit. This advent kit contains a gift for each day that will help them navigate the whirlwind nature of the season. But we also know there’s some chatter about the world ending on December 21, so the Holiday Survival Kit doubles as an Apocalypse Survival Kit. We’ve ensured that each holiday gift will also be useful in case we find out the Mayans were right.

Trigger’s clients aren’t the only ones to get in on the advent action this year. Every morning until the 25th (or the 21st — impending apocalypse and all), @triggerco will tweet Holiday/Apocalypse uses for the mystery advent item of the day. The first person to guess the item correctly will get it mailed to them. We’ll reveal it for everyone on Twitter later that afternoon.

Creative Credits:
Agency: Trigger, Canada
CD: Todd Blevins
Designer/ACD: Jonathan Herman
Designers: Shauna Luedtke, Brian Allen, Natalie Faulkner-Northrop, James Barry
Copywriter: Kristin Evans
Account Supervisor: Celeste Herbert
Production Manager: Cathy Hockenhull


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