We tell stories

I just realized that this post didn’t publish when I told it to yesterday. So the whole “Speaking of Penguin” follow-up didn’t make much sense. Ah well, such is life. Here’s the original post…

This website is amazing. I heard about it awhile ago, but never got a chance to spend much time exploring the content. Published by Penguin Books, We Tell Stories is six stories of digital fiction told by six authors over six weeks. As a designer heavily focused on print, anything this interactive fascinates me. Not enough to learn how to do it myself, of course. But still, there’s some pretty cool stuff there.

I was originally drawn to the site because of the design work of Nicholas Felton on the story, Hard Times by Matt Mason (shown below—click the images for a larger picture). I own both of his annual reports and I really love his style. This interactive piece is just another excellent example of his work.

Hard Times 1

Hard Times 2

I also enjoy The 21 Steps, by Charles Cumming.

I don’t know if this is the future of books—I’m still very much attached to holding something solid in my hands—but it sure is pretty cool to play with.


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